Upcycle: Sweaters to Mittens


Source: dabbled.org via Holly on Pinterest

Here’s how to make mittens from a sweater:

I started with a $2.00 thrifted sweater.  I forgot to take a picture of it whole, though.

(Above) Trace a pair of mittens you like on a piece of paper.  Go around it again about a half-inch bigger.  Your seam will go in that half-inch space.

(Two Above) I made felt liners for these mittens since the fabric is scratchy wool.  Cut out your pattern and pin it to the fabric.  Cut around it.

(Above) For liners, make four so you have a top and a bottom for the left and the right mitten.  I forgot to take a picture (Again! Dang it!), but I did stitch around them so they are wear-able!

(Above) I pinned a liner to the mitten fabric and cut around just a bit bigger – maybe 1/4 inch for the mitten seam.

(Above) I pinned the liner to the sweater on the side, where the seam was already there.  When I cut it out, it was already stitched on one side.  Less sewing for me!  I also pinned it at the bottom so that there is a natural cuff to the mitten from the bottom edge of the sweater.  I should have made the cuff just a little longer, but they still fit ok.

(Above) I pinned the second mitten liner to the other side seam.

(Above) Ready to sew ‘em up!

(Above) Turn them inside out and stitch around to close it up.

(Above) Turn them right-side out and they’re ready to wear!

(Above) The thumb wasn’t deep enough, so I cut out a little deeper and re-sewed that part.  Much better!

I didn’t stitch the liners into the mittens because I want to be able to use them with other pairs of mittens I might make.  I just put them on and then slide my liner-clad hand into the mitten.

Coming soon: I also made a hat and leg warmers out of this sweater.  (Leg warmers? I can hear the question in your voice. They’re to wear in boots, so you just see the top part sticking out. Wait for it. Trust me…leg warmers are a piece of 1980s genius that I’m thrilled have made a comeback.  YES THEY HAVE! I SWEAR!)

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  1. I’m so excited you participated, Holly! They look so warm and cozy. Viva la thrift store!

    • I don’t own a sewing machine and am far from crafty, but they turned out better than I guessed they would. A $2.00 thrifted sweater is worth the gamble for sure!

  2. That’s a nice little tip there. I will need to keep my eyes peeled for a sweater to experiment with!

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