Garden 5-17-12

I had the day off last Friday and the weather was great, so I got the rest of the seeds planted in the gardens.  This morning, 6 days later, we’ve got germination in a few areas!  I made just a few indoor seed starters last weekend, and they’re all sprouting too.  In fact, the one bean plant I started indoors shot up several inches practically over night, so I put it in the ground a few days ago.  It’s doing great!

I am using a combination of square foot gardening, container gardening, and also a few traditional rows.  Here’s what has been planted:

Left side:
4 sweet peppers
1 cucumber bush (not vine)
1 tomato plant (“sweet snack hybrid”)
8 peas
2 strawberries
a row of green onions – maybe 15-20 or so?

Right side:
6 hot peppers (I think jalapeno)
8 peas
9 beans
6 sugar pumpkins
1 tomato (roma)
1 cucumber bush

In containers:
Salsa garden: 1 roma tomato, 1 hot pepper from a pouch of mixed pepper seeds, a few cilantro, about 10 green onion, and an accidental basil got in there too.

Herbs: In one pot, there’s rosemary, thyme, cilantro, and basil.  In another pot, there’s curly parsley, chives, and marjoram.

Peppers: I have two big planters with 3-4 peppers in each (poblano, anaheim, jalapeno, and one accidental “New Mexico Big Jim.”)

1 pot of spinach, which we’ve been eating steadily

1 pot of radishes, which have gorgeous, huge leaves but the radishes themselves are pretty puny still.

3 new hanging baskets of red geraniums. $10 each at Walmart. What can I say? I don’t do flowers. (Yet…maybe someday).

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